3 Word Compilation game (once again)

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Re: 3 Word Compilation game (once again)

Post by The Trainmaster on Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:10 pm

really evil plan

"Never talk in a chat you can't clear. Never sing in a chat with a mic on."

"She's small but vicious, like a badger that your brother starved for four days and then put in your sleeping bag."

befan09 : jackie is a milf
soccerchik22 : CHRIS IS MINE UNTIL MAY.
befan09 : I LOVE YOU
soccerchik22 : Ick.
befan09 has been banned by soccerchik22
hockeyfanatic : Jackie, you are not a very good pimp. You're fired.
Fly Jr. : and now chris works as a gay stripper >.>
befan09 : hey u should see them all like woooho

Homeless Man: It was a SHINNY nickel which is equivlant to 4 trillion dollars in Chris Brown currency.
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